Why Attend?

Why leading CIOs attend…


An opportunity to exchange business cards is yesterdays news; today we are providing the ingredients for a ‘thought-leading’ conversation that will secure a relationship for years after the doors of this event close.


Who attends?

Attendees are the visionaries who shape the I.T. direction of the organizations that they serve; CIOs and VPs who represent the direction of their organizations – Information Technology Infrastructure, Security, Network, Compliance, or Application Development may register to attend.


CIOsynergy events feature:

  • Invitation ONLY format exclusive to IT Leaders only
  • Thought leading keynotes from the likes of Steve Forbes, Bill Clinton, & Frank Abagnale
  • One-day format with regionally located attendees
  • On-site calibered one-on-one networking over an epicurean feast and world cocktails
  • Live books signing, photo’s and CIOdraws ensure CIOsynergy has a memorable mark on the calendar and is a point of discussion well after the event leaves town.

What’s to gain?

By attending CIOsynergy™, IT leaders are invited to adopt the knowledge, experience, and lessons from not only a community of CIOs but also from the true visionaries of the organizations that have created technology & solutions to support tomorrow’s business. These visionaries include the CEOs, founders, and VPs of organizations to the likes of IBM, 3com, VMware, Unisys, Hitachi, Oracle, SunGard, Dell, Google, Amazon, and HTC.

Attendees are empowered with an ultimate learning environment and unparalleled networking opportunity with a group of IT Leaders that will remain locally accessible as they all lead enterprises within the same region. On-site under the umbrella of one of our ground breaking keynotes, CIOs will explore how their peers are strategizing for tomorrow through a series of panels and think-tanks. These think-tanks will explore whether we are Innovating, Divesting, or Securing for tomorrow.