Charlie Bollom Sr. Director of Western NA Sales at Aternity, Inc.


I got good feedback from the team who definitely appreciated the way the event staff worked to introduce them to the contacts they wanted to meet and felt they were able to make contact and talk with several people who they wouldn’t have had access to without the event.

Amy Rock


“What a GREAT event! Good volume to the booth and really engaged conversations with the right people. The dinner was also an excellent addition. I am so excited about the leads coming out of this.”

Meghan Posco Sales Director Southwest

Red Apple Stores

Thanks – it was a tremendous opportunity to casually speak with other IT
leaders about the challenges and opportunities we all face in this
ever-changing environment. The meal itself and venue were truly
outstanding, and it was great winding down in the bar afterwards and
chatting about sports with Bobby Simmons and other attendees.
Again, thank you for inviting me.

Clinton Wolff Executive VP, CFO & CIO

C.T. Bauer College of Business

“It was one of the greatest events i ever attended, very informative and I got a chance to mingle with some IT Professionals.”

Wasif Ali IT Director

Vista Energy Marketing

“This was great. Thanks for twisting my arm to attend this event, one of the most insightful talks I had ever heard, but the 6-panel Tell-All was my favorite part by far, I wish THAT lasted all day.”

Bryan Panjavan Director, IT


“Thank you for inviting me to the event. Overall, I thought the networking was very good. I appreciated the way the day was structured, including moving us around mid day. I thought the CIO panels were pretty good… I will plan to attend again next year if invited.”

Robert Roffey Director, Advanced Services


“The team felt that this was a very good event with lots of great conversation. Most importantly they felt it tied them to the right contacts in support of the accounts that they support. Everyone seemed to enjoyed John McAfee as a keynote speaker. Good titles and content.”

Dawn Grice Field Marketing Manager

Global Cloud Xchange

“I would like to thank you for an excellent event yesterday. You guys really delivered! And I am greatly appreciative.”

Kevin Morgan Marketing Director


“Last week I had the opportunity to attend the CIOSynergy event in Toronto at the Trump Hotel & Tower. It was an interesting day of interacting with key IT decision makers within various organizations and learning about some of the trials and tribulations they face day-to-day…”

An Innovative Approach – WinMagic at CIOToronto

Darren Leroux Sr. Director, Product Marketing