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The events hosted by CIOsynergy are a valuable component of my networking and crowdsourcing. I have limited time for attending events away from my office, and I always make time for CIOsynergy events. The organizers of CIOsynergy always bring interesting speakers, and I always walk-away with a new perspective. The vendors are relevant to my needs and are also unobtrusive when I want to focus on other aspects of the event. I’ve also developed some great connections who I look forward to seeing at future events.

Neal Wright CIO


I didn’t know what to expect from CIOsynergy but I was so glad to be there. The opportunities to meet peers serving in the same area was invaluable. The CIO panel and talks were relevant and informative. And the vendors were also interesting and not to overwhelming. Overall a great event and I hope to attend again in future.

Toby Weiss CIO

US Department of Veterans Affairs

I would like to thank you, CIOSynergy, Carousel (Industries), and HP Enterprise for the ‘ITGathers’ dinner and collaborative event ! I am very grateful to have shared IT challenges we face from multiple facets, including the necessity to ‘build security into’ products during the development life-cycle (SDLC) through programmatic and testing standards.

The dinner was delicious, and the individuals I could meet with were both enthusiastic and complementary of all your efforts.

Drew A. Prescott CIO


Thank you for the time and effort last night, we had another great CIOsynergy dinner. Great venue and very good dialog.

Aaron Tortorello Area Sales Manager

City of Gardner

This was an excellent event. I connected with a few vendors that I look forward to working with soon. Your speakers were diverse and kept my interest and your moderator, Scott Shuster, was the best I have ever seen.

Bob O’Keefe IT Director

HiTech CIO

“As you can see, CIOSynergy had much to offer and think about. I was surprised and pleased by how much was covered in just half a day – a testament to the great planning that goes into these events.”

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US Department of the Interior

‘It was wonderful evening. I really enjoy the event. It has been very informative and I met with great contacts. Thank you so much for inviting me.’

Daud Santosa Office of the Chief Information Officer


“As good as advertised, very good group of C-Level Execs, ran smooth…”


“It was a great event a lot of good attendees and keynotes. We meet a few good prospects that are currently looking into our type of solution. Overall Event was well done and we plan on making the most of every meeting we have.”

T5 Data Centers

“…I thought the quality of the attendees was high in LA and also very accessible and approachable. I like the size of your events because there’s enough scale to make it interesting but not so large that it loses the personal feel…”

Craig McKesson

American Film Institute

Great conference! Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next one.

Paul Jaques VP, Infrastructure