CIOsynergy Events


CIOsynergy events connect the who’s who of Enterprise IT leadership throughout North America. These are the CIO’s, VP’s and Directors of IT from organizations that compete for market share and do so with the adoption of the latest advancements in Information Technology. CIOsynergy events provide these corporate IT leaders with a platform to assess their directions; they compare, contrast and share experiences while building an external network of contacts. These are critical conversations that can’t happen within the confines and limits of the office.
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Gathering the who’s who of enterprise IT security is the basis of secureCIO. Engaging these IT leaders in discussions where they share the tactics and tools used in the daily battle against cyber terrorism is mission critical to the secureCIO model. Attended by enterprise leaders from the Office of the CIO and the Office of the CISO and engaged across North America, secureCIO is supported by world class security thought leaders that produce solutions to defend and mitigate these risks.

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Gaining the attention of the global IT leader is a costly challenge all IT solution providers face, it can be a blackhole that loses both money and manpower so now more then ever companies both large and small are looking for the most creative solutions to access this restricted demographic.

CIOcamps have a team primed in the field of executive IT events as we are a division of CIOsynergy and access the resources and manpower that have CIOsynergy events on the map since 1998. With a passion for connecting people we use a combination of tools to deliver private events based on locations, dates and demographics chosen by you.

1-day events that deliver 40 – 50 hand picked attendees under the roof of a stimulating discussion, epicurean lunch and gripping agenda – all designed, built, populated and run by the CIOcamps team.

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Our outreach within CIO and IT leadership circles touches all industries and scales mid-market to large enterprises. We have the reach to gather even the most niche targeted groups.
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Cutting Edge

When we gather CIO communities we connect the dots between attendees to harness the power of a community. Attending CIO participants value the like minded collaboration and the thought-leading content.
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Audience Engineering

We’ve built a set of tools and processes that intercept leading IT minds at a time that matters most; leading CIO’s collaborate at CIOsynergy in order to challenge their daily directions and reinforce the decisions being made.
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