HiTech CIO

“As you can see, CIOSynergy had much to offer and think about. I was surprised and pleased by how much was covered in just half a day – a testament to the great planning that goes into these events.”

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US Department of the Interior

‘It was wonderful evening. I really enjoy the event. It has been very informative and I met with great contacts. Thank you so much for inviting me.’

Daud Santosa Office of the Chief Information Officer


“As good as advertised, very good group of C-Level Execs, ran smooth…”


“It was a great event a lot of good attendees and keynotes. We meet a few good prospects that are currently looking into our type of solution. Overall Event was well done and we plan on making the most of every meeting we have.”

T5 Data Centers

“…I thought the quality of the attendees was high in LA and also very accessible and approachable. I like the size of your events because there’s enough scale to make it interesting but not so large that it loses the personal feel…”

Craig McKesson

American Film Institute

Great conference! Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next one.

Paul Jaques VP, Infrastructure

County of Napa

“… Great event tonight. I enjoyed everyone there! So I owe you so anytime you need a CISO on your panel call me!!!”

Gary Coverdale Assistant CIO and CISO


I just wanted to thank you for the invitation to yesterday’s event. It was extremely well organized and executed in a professional and engaging manner. The moderator did a great job of spurring interesting discussion and participation from the group, and he drew out the panelists very effectively. All in all it was a first rate event, I met great people and it was an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas. Also it was beneficial to learn about Mimecast. They seem like a trustworthy company with very useful products for today’s business technology needs.

Jim Saltmar VP Product Development


“Just a note of thanks to you and the team. Great day, well organized and well executed.”​

Steve Butler VP Global Information Systems

Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt

Thank you very much, the whole event was spectacular!

Kudos to your team !!

Lady V. Velarde Murrugarra


“We had a very positive experience in Calgary and are strongly considering Toronto”